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Christmas countdown.


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Uhh is it just me or does it feel like us lower lvls are being excluded from the Xmas stuff .... seems a little unfair shouldn't there be tiers or something? 

Dunno seems like another make the rich richer and if you can't put enough in to make it to svip then uh......bugger off lol

Not nice bcgame it's meant to be Xmas a time for giving not b3ing a scrooge.


Ok so been observing chat as I can't talk due to an unfair ban but there's alot of rage right now especially because everything is being taken the wheel is getting lower coco well we knew that was because of the world cup but again why? Aren't you meant to treat players who deposit/play are active and get rewards because our rewards are getting worse which brings me to a conclusion and its just my opinion is bc game struggling? Thoughts 

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