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3rd Party Provably Fair Checker for BC.Games Mines


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[EDIT 01/03/2023]

After finally receiving a response in the contest threat and finding in hindsight that the contest was over, I also discovered a much more well-made 3rd party verifier for all the BC.Game BC Original games which can be found here:


It's so much better too:

Preview Screenshot of mines Verification


Umm yea, GG. If only I had known that BC.Game Admin wasn't going to update the contest information page instead of simply expecting users to skip to page 5 and randomly find the post that says there were already winners selected, I have no one to blame but myself.

GDoctor did an amazing job, just wish I knew about this sooner and wonder why it's not already a known thing.




Previous content has been hidden for aesthetics while kept for posterity, to remember never to trust the 1st page of an on-going forum event.


Hey Mines fans,

After feeling a bit confused of how to understand or use the provably fair checker for mines on the BC.Game's site (https://bc.game/help/provably-fair) and learning that there was a contest to reward making a 3rd party provably fair checker, I took on the task and tried to make one myself, submitting the entry here: 

However if you were interested in simply using the checker, see the instructions below!

Using the Mines game verifier:

The checker itself is open source (as required by the contest) and can be found here: https://codepen.io/nucleare/pen/ZEjWVmr

It currently allows you to input your server seed, client seed, nonce, and the number of mines. After you hit the submit button, it will display the numbered result you'd normally get from the checker used on the BC.Game site but placed in a 5x5 grid to make it easier to understand. So if a number appears in a square, that's where a mine is meant to be.



Example showing results for:

Server seed: 8ef1fc556b8d3d9eb91f6a01aa70e75c30a3186e777b3b15214115a7e6f310f0

Client Seed: e8Xdp24pzRJ3bhM7ekhFH0wHrSWdk

Nonce: 25

Number of mines: 3

With the example input, the resulting output of the provably fair checker will generate an array such as this:


And based on the number of mines, it will show you that many numbers from left to right. So in the example, when I select 3, it will show that mines should appear at 10, 1, and 6.

Using the same seed and nonce input, if I change the number to 10, it will display the first 10 numbers from the list, which would be 10, 1, 6, 24, 13, 2, 11, 15, and 16 as shown below:



There's obviously still a little bit of quirks in how it's displaying as squares disappear unintentionally but you get the idea, it makes it easier to visualize what spaces should be mines based on the results of the provably fair algorithm and lets you check the game results from a third party where all the code is clear for you to see for yourself!

So if you can't figure out how to use the one they provide over at https://bc.game/help/provably-fair you can use the one I put together here: https://codepen.io/nucleare/pen/ZEjWVmr

Also, if you don't care to see how all the coding stuff and just want to use the checker by itself, you can go here instead: https://codepen.io/nucleare/full/ZEjWVmr

While I hope to improve the visual appearance, learning to code this has been a huge time consumption and wasn't as easy as I had thought. Though I've learned a lot, simply troubleshooting with making the grid show empty boxes (Gems placement) is still a challenge and will be updated eventually, but if you find it helpful, please visit my submission and give it a like to help it get some attention. It would be greatly appreciated!

Hope it helps!


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