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A Wish List On The Record To Help The Forum Grow


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Hello everyone!  We need another section within the BC GAME forum for GENERAL DISCUSSION / MISCELLANEOUS. 

I have made the request and it almost was met, but here I now request it again. I also want a section at the top of the

home page that displays not only the popular posts of the time but the NEW POSTS.  I cannot see what people are

posting most of the time. 

Coco, Coco Sis and Devs ... give me this wish and I will be endlessly contributing, I promise.  Anyone agree?  Say So. 

xo xo xo 

Much love.  Thank you. 


I wish for

  • a General Discussion/ Miscellaneous Area 
  • a feed to be obvious on the home page with new posts.
  • a million dollars
  • an endless supply of snacks 
  • a membership in the red legion once and for all.    


I know 2 things on this list are in Cocos control. 

🦋 █╬ ███ ██▄ █╬█ █╬█ 🦋         
🦋 █╬ █▄█ █╬█ █▄█ █▄█ 🦋
🦋 ██ █╬█ ███ ╬█╬ ╬█╬ 🦋


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Ok first it took me forever to even know there was a forum. If you want it to grow that would not be hard. First add it to the one time bonus section in bc.games. then to keep them coming back make a type of checkin here on the forum or even a type of faucet that is only activated while on the forum and cash out has a minimum.  They can choose the coin to activate for the faucet. If they miss 3 days then the faucet runs backwards till it hits zero. 

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